BarbIn 2001, Barbara Jones, one of the Foundation’s founders, implemented her Special Needs Fund. With a significant grant from Barbara, the fund was set up to help individuals who could not be helped by traditional social services agencies. The people helped by the Special Needs Fund are those who seem to slip through the cracks of traditional social services agencies which are set up to help people who fall on hard times.

Examples of grants from the Barbara Jones Special Needs Fund would be to provide automobile repairs so an individual might be able to maintain his or her job or to pay medical bills or rent for individuals who are temporarily out of work and have fallen behind on payments. Typically grants of this kind are between $100 and $500 and are not intended to be ongoing grants for individuals. Instead, they are meant to be a safety net that allows people to get back on their feet and resume a productive life.

The Barbara Jones Special Needs Fund is administered by local non-profit organizations which have been selected through an annual request for proposal process. The approved agencies will provide grants to individuals and families for purposes based on the criteria as set forth by the Barbara Jones Special Needs Fund. They will be making decisions based on their professional opinion as to how best to serve these people in need.