Who is eligible to apply for grant funding from The Jones Family Foundation?
A: The Jones Family Foundation makes grants to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations located in Goodhue County, Minnesota which are tax exempt and are not private foundations as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

How do we submit a Grant Application?
A: If your organization would like to submit a Grant Application, we ask that you complete our Grant Application form which is located on our website. If you do not have access to a computer we will gladly mail you an application.

What are the Foundation’s Grant Application Deadlines?
A: Most grant applications are reviewed by the Board on a periodic basis. Applications for the School Grants
Program are reviewed annually in March.

School Grant applications are due by February 15th of each year.

When will we be notified regarding the outcome of our Grant Application?
A: You will be notified of the outcome by mail within 60 days.

If the Grant Application is not approved, will the Foundation explain why?
A: Yes.

If the Grant Application is not approved, can we resubmit the application at a later time?
A: Yes. Your organization should have addressed the reasons for the initial declination before resubmission.

Can we ask for operating expenses/general support?
A: Yes, but we must see evidence in your application of the ability of the organization to support its operations on an ongoing basis after funding from our Foundation has been granted.

Will you fund brick-and-mortar or capital projects?
A: Brick-and-mortar projects receive low priority from the Foundation.

What amount should we ask for?
A: Organizations are encouraged to ask for amounts that are consistent with their needs as outlined in the application. The Jones Family Foundation is especially interested in applications that contain a challenge match component. The Foundation also encourages organizations to look to other funding partners for full or partial funding.

Should we contact someone at The Jones Family Foundation before submitting a Grant Application?
A: Should you have any questions regarding The Jones Family Foundation or your grant request, please contact us at 651-388-7941 or info@jonesfamilyfoundation.org. We would be happy to answer any questions for you.

If we know a member of the Board of Directors, may we contact him or her?
A: Yes.

Will our grant be monitored? If so, how?
A: If your Grant Application has been approved by the Board, you will be asked to submit a Grant Evaluation to the Foundation. The Grant Evaluation is available on our website. You can also request a Grant Evaluation form by contacting The Jones Family Foundation. We may ask to visit your organization or its program or project to gain a greater appreciation of its effectiveness.

Is The Jones Family Foundation affiliated with any other organizations?
A: The Jones Family Foundation is a donor advised fund of The Saint Paul Foundation. It is not affiliated with any other organization.