Our vision is that the Red Wing community, nonprofit organizations and donor-investors will create and support partnerships committed to transformational thinking and actions that contribute to the health, growth and sustainability of Red Wing. In order to achieve this vision, The Jones Family Foundation frequently acts as a convener or catalyst in building community partnerships to better understand and address crucial community issues.

The Jones Family Foundation participates in a variety of community initiatives through public/private partnerships and collaborations.

These are just a few of the organizations and initiatives which we believe greatly contribute to the growth and sustainability of the community which have received funding from The Jones Family Foundation.

The Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

ANDERSON CENTER LOGOLink: www.andersoncenter.org
Named one of the top artistic destination points in the upper Mississippi River region by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, the Anderson Center has served the artistic community and the citizens of Minnesota through artistic leadership, program development, and support since 1995. A national registered landmark, the Anderson Center’s mission is to uphold the unique wealth of the arts in the region; to develop, foster, and promote the creation of works by artists of all kinds; and to provide leadership and services that help to insure a strong, healthy arts community and a greater recognition of the value of the arts in society. Anderson Center programming includes: Community Outreach Programs; the International Residency Program; the publication of Minnesota’s oldest literary journal, the Great River Review; and a variety of arts events such as the Annual Celebration of Minnesota Children’s Authors and Illustrators. In addition to the Anderson Center programs and 20 on-site artist studios, a wide variety of community educational programs are also located on the Anderson Center campus including the Universal Music Center, Tower View Alternative High School, the Sheldon School of Performing Arts and Red Cottage Montessori.

Red Wing Ignite

Red Wing IgniteLink: www.redwingignite.org
Red Wing Ignite provides an innovative environment for businesses to thrive. The business accelerator helps with the development and deployment of entrepreneurial companies through an array of resources that can include: office space, access to investors, mentoring, testing of applications in a real world environment and exposure to the market. The co-working space provides a collaborative working environment which eliminates issues of isolation that many professionals experience while working at home. Red Wing Ignite also hosts events that foster innovation and collaboration. Red Wing ignite provides the needed resources to bring innovation to reality.

Live Healthy Red Wing

Live Healthy Red WingLink: www.livehealthyredwing.org
Live Healthy Red Wing is a collaboration of partners that works to make it easier for all residents to eath healthy and get active every day. The coalition of leaders from businesses, non-profits, the school district, and local government focuses on improving policies, making changes to the physical environment, and building a culture of active, informed, connected citizens so our community is a healthier place to live. Live healthy Red Wing concentrates on sustainable initiatives that become an integral part of Red Wing life and culture. Current areas of focus are Safe Routes to School, Streets and Sidewalks for a Healthy Red Wing, the Open Your Front Door campaign, Edible Gardens for Youth, and Healthier Foods in REd Wing’s Schools. For more information, visit www.livehealthyredwing.org.

Pier 55 – Red Wing Area Seniors

Pier55Link: www.redwingareaseniors.org
The 2010 U.S. Census reported that 31.3% of the population in Red Wing are 55 years of age and older. With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, it is increasingly important for there to be resources and supports in the community for this population. Red Wing Area Seniors collaborates with other organizations in the community to offer information, promote healthy lifestyles, and provide support and educational programs to seniors, such as caregiver training and support. In addition, Red Wing Area Seniors provides access to a variety of volunteer opportunities which enrich the lives of the volunteers and contribute to the well-being of the community. Volunteers park cars at the hospital, help those with limited mobility, counsel other seniors struggling with grief and loss, create blankets for children who have experienced abuse; complete minor home repairs and remodeling projects so seniors can remain safely in their own homes, and a variety of other activities. These programs and services greatly enhance the quality of life for these active members of the community.

Central Park Band Shell

bandshell-night2-lgLink: red-wing.org/centralparkjohnrichpark
In 2007, the Jones Family Foundation began a partnership with the City of Red Wing to make enhancements to Central Park. Central Park is located in the center of downtown Red Wing, in the ‘Historic mall District.” Since the late 1800’s, the park has hosted a variety of events such as political rallies, memorials, weddings, church services, festivals and music events. The goal of the park enhancements was to create a ‘community living room’ in the Historic District. With this goal in mind, the primary focus for renovations was the bandstand located at the north end of the park. The former bandstand’s design limited the types of performances that could take place on stage and it did not allow protection from the elements.


July 4, 2009

A steering committee consisting of representatives from a wide range of stakeholders in the community met over a period of months to select the design of the new band shell which will encourage additional usage and functionality in the park. Construction of the new band shell began in the fall of 2008 and over 1,500 community members celebrated the completion of construction with a Grand Opening celebration on July 4, 2009. Today the Central Park band shell hosts a wide variety of community activities and performances each year, from the Red Wing Arts Association’s Concerts in the Park to school activities and local festivals.

Universal Playground

universal-playgroundLink: www.red-wing.org/redwingplaygrounds
Playgrounds are magical places in one’s childhood where memories are made. It serves as a gathering place for families and a place to make new friends. For children and adults with disabilities, it may often be a place where they are relegated to the sidelines as spectators rather than active participants simply because they can’t access the same play areas as their peers. Red Wing and its surrounding communities did not have a playground which would fully accommodate children and adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. The Jones Family Foundation was pleased to be able to participate in a community-wide initiative in funding the Universal Playground, located in Colvill Park in Red Wing. Adjacent to the universal playground is the Discovery Garden, a special sensory garden for all to enjoy. By removing barriers and promoting diversity and inclusivity, we believe projects such as this build a stronger, healthier community.