Philanthropy – : the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.

People may view the purpose of philanthropy in different ways. Some may equate philanthropy with benevolence and charity for the poor. Some may believe that philanthropy fulfills a social need that is not served. Yet others may believe philanthropy can be a means to build communities by growing community funds and giving vehicles. When communities see themselves as being resource rich instead of asset poor, the community is in a better position to solve community problems. We believe that all of these purposes serve to build stronger and more vibrant communities.

One form of philanthropy that our Foundation believes strongly in is Transformational Giving. Transformational gifts are voluntary contributions from individuals, foundations, or corporations to nonprofit organizations, the size and focus of which initiate and often sustain significant transformation or change in the organization, in the donor, and even in the community. These gifts are motivated by shared values between the investor and the organization. Transformational gifts are more than gifts; they are investments. As such, the donor-investors expect a return on values and the management of their investment. Unlike traditional charitable gifts where the focus is the benefit to the organization, transformational gifts are measured by their impact on the community members whose needs the organization is meeting. Transformational gifts have the capacity to alter the programs, perceptions and future of organizations. These gifts also have the ability to enhance the capacity of the community to solve critical issues.

how you can help

Please consider engaging with us in any of the following areas:

Volunteer – There are a wide number of volunteer opportunities to work with nonprofit organizations in the community. Check your local newspaper, churches, schools, United Way and Chamber of Commerce for listings of nonprofit organizations in the area.

Donate – The weakened economy has affected nonprofit organizations and their clients especially hard. Your charitable contributions are deeply appreciated by the nonprofit GiveMN.orgorganizations in the givemncommunity. To make a donation or for information about nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in Minnesota, we encourage you to go to is the online destination for charitable giving in Minnesota. It is a one-stop shop to find, support and promote your favorite causes.

Contact Us – For more information about the causes and organizations that the Jones Family
Foundation supports, or if you would like to make a donation to our Foundation to support
these initiatives, please Contact Us.