The Jones Family Foundation had its beginnings in October of 1988 when Ora Jones, Barbara Jones, Scott Jones and Anne Jones formed the organization as a donor advised fund of The Saint Paul Foundation. The initial corpus of the Jones Family Foundation was a mere $10,000 back in October of1988. At that time, the fund worked closely with social services organizations, providing small grants to agencies serving people in the community who were less fortunate.

Over the intervening years, the Jones Family Foundation has grown to be a significant philanthropic force in the Red Wing area. Nearly all of the Ora and Barbara Jones’ estate has gone to the Jones Family Foundation as will the Scott and Anne Jones’ estate at the time of their deaths. The family’s philosophy is, “We have had good fortune providing banking services to the Red Wing area. It has provided us a good life, but we are only temporary custodians of this wealth. We are obligated to reinvest our good fortune back into the community, so that in the end, we have given more to the community than it has given to us.”

The Jones Family understood early on that they needed help in carrying out this mission. Over time the Board of Directors of the Jones Family Foundation has grown to 8 members, representing various centers of influence within the community. Our Board believes strongly in our mission and is diligent in initiating meaningful projects as well as responding to grant requests.