Our Fundamental Strategies

  • Our primary areas of focus will be family special needs, life-long learning, youth development and community sustainability.
  • We will serve as a positive catalyst within our community by initiating projects which support our mission. We will challenge our Board members to bring forward their ideas in this regard.
  • We will primarily focus our resources toward program oriented projects with measurable results that positively impact the community.
  • We will endeavor to help non-profit organizations within our geography to build capacity and
  • We will respond to new and existing grant requests in a way that provides needed support but
    does not make the requesting organization or project primarily dependent upon our funding.
  • We will, where possible, attempt to maximize the potential for a project by exploring ways to
    expand or enhance such projects by acting as a convener and by encouraging collaboration among agencies with similar missions.
  • When pursuing transformational projects we will consider partnerships with like-minded funders and agencies to achieve our goals.
  • We will always devote a portion of our annual grantmaking through our Family Special Needs Portfolio to families and individuals that are disadvantaged.
  • We will refrain from making grants for political agendas. Further, we will refrain from
    grantmaking to narrowly focused organizations representing extremist views.
  • We will select quality leadership for our Board of Directors to sustain our mission, providing them with education, a strong sense of financial responsibility to the long term goals of the Foundation, and an atmosphere of creativity and caring.
  • We will encourage current and estate giving from others in support of our mission.
  • We intend that the Jones Family Foundation be a perpetual organization. Its assets and grants should be governed and managed in a way that ensures the sustainability of the Foundation.